Retirement Fraud & Theft of School Funds – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was contacted by the Board of Directors of a Los Angeles area school regarding suspected retirement fraud and theft involving a current employee. The Board of Directors told our investigators that an employee was suspected of secretly accepting a CALPERS Service Retirement and then returned to work in the same capacity as a part-time employee to “double dip” and multiply the employee’s salary. Oracle Investigations Group confirmed that the employee had retired and had returned to work to significantly increase the employee’s salary. In addition, our investigators determined that this same employee had been negligent in oversight of school fundraising and petty cash accounts. Oracle Investigations Group notified CALPERS of our findings and the state lauded our tenacity in helping them to combat retirement fraud. In addition, the Board of Directors President (a presiding California Judge) lauded Oracle Investigations Group for our detailed investigation and sensitivity in handling this matter.