Site Security Assessment & Safe School Planning

When was the last time you conducted a detailed security and vulnerability assessment
of your school site and surrounding community?

Does your school have a comprehensive Safe School Plan that is regularly assessed, implemented and updated by your staff as is required by California Education Code Section 32280?

How often do you train your staff and students to respond to an active shooter on campus?

Who is protecting your staff, students and parents to ensure a safe and secure learning

Vigilance, training and execution are core principals in ensuring that your school site is in a constant state of emergency preparedness. Creating a safe school is more than a set of plans that sit in a binder on a shelf collecting dust. Safe School Planning is an ongoing process that is enhanced when you have an informed, competent and trained group of professionals ready to act in the face of adversity.

The staff at Oracle Investigations Group has decades of combined experience and training in school safety and emergency preparedness, management and recovery. We have been sought after on numerous occasions to provide consulting and training in all matters related to school safety and security. Our clients have raved about the level of professionalism, skill and service they have received.

Oracle Investigations Group is well positioned to help schools with:

  • Comprehensive Safe School Funding Solutions
  • Site Security & Vulnerability Assessments
  • Safe School Plans That Are State & Federally (FEMA) Compliant
  • Active Shooter Response Training (Oracle Investigations Group employs certified trainers that have implemented comprehensive security programs with client schools)
  • Review Of State and Federal Emergency Guidelines (Oracle Investigations Group employs certified trainers who have received extensive training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] in regards to Multi-Hazard Emergency Response Training For Schools.)
  • Implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) practices and procedures.
  • Comprehensive Visitor Management Solutions
  • Elite, Highly Trained School Security Personnel