Forensic Investigations

Do you have an employee or community member suspected of using a computer or
other electronic media to send subversive emails or post personal, confidential or factually inaccurate information on an anonymous blog?

Did your school or organization recently fall victim to a suspected internal or external theft and you have physical evidence that could be used for fingerprint or DNA analysis?

Has evidence uncovered shown that money is missing or unaccounted for in one of your school accounts?

Do you have a unique situation that would require the use of one of the nation’s top
forensic sketch artists to draw a composite sketch from scratch of a perpetrator of a crime?

Are you concerned that your closed session administrative or board meetings are not confidential and may be subject to covert audio and/or videotaping?

Chances are, sooner or later your school or organization will face a similar challenge that will require the use of a highly trained forensic investigator. Oracle Investigations Group employs investigators who hold noteworthy forensic credentials often in high demand during the course of education-related investigations. Our investigators hold forensic certifications in disciplines such as:

  • Digital Computer Forensics
  • Attendance Fraud Investigation & File Auditing
  • Forensic Accounting & Auditing
  • DNA Acquisition, Processing & Comparison
  • Fingerprint Acquisition, Processing & Comparison
  • Forensic Facial Sketching
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM or “Bug Sweeping”)

Employing the skills of one of our highly trained forensic investigators has saved our clients exponential amounts of financial exposure in civil matters and has also been critically important in assisting in criminal investigations.