Administrative, Civil & Criminal Investigations

No school or university is immune to internal complaints from employees, administrators, students and community members. Oftentimes, those tasked with investigating these complaints are not properly trained to handle a comprehensive investigation or are involved in the investigation as a witness or as the subject of the complaint. Community perception in regards to how a […]

Site Security Assessment & Safe School Planning

When was the last time you conducted a detailed security and vulnerability assessment of your school site and surrounding community? Does your school have a comprehensive Safe School Plan that is regularly assessed, implemented and updated by your staff as is required by California Education Code Section 32280? How often do you train your staff […]

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Pre-employment background investigations are often one of the most overlooked, undervalued and critical parts of the hiring process. Pre-employment background investigations on potential new hires can save your school exponential amounts of financial resources as well as civil and criminal liability exposure. While it is true that all new hires are required to submit their […]

Student Residency Verifications

California law requires that schools must keep an annual verification of residence in perpetuity as a part of a student’s record. This residency verification process is in place to ensure that student needs are appropriately addressed as well as to prevent fraud. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of dollars are unnecessarily spent or […]

Forensic Investigations

Do you have an employee or community member suspected of using a computer or other electronic media to send subversive emails or post personal, confidential or factually inaccurate information on an anonymous blog? Did your school or organization recently fall victim to a suspected internal or external theft and you have physical evidence that could […]