Employee Bullying & Intimidation – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group received a complaint from several employees at a Los Angeles area school claiming that another employee had been engaging in a systematic pattern of bullying and intimidation towards other school employees. Specifically, the complainant alleged that the employee had been bullying and intimidating the other employee so that the employee would agree to vote a specific way on an upcoming union vote. The complainant also alleged that the employee had been involving students at the school in protests over a teacher’s recent termination. Our investigators confidently navigated a tense working environment and coordinated with union and school officials while completing this investigation. Our investigation revealed that the employee made hostile and disparaging comments about the complainant. Additionally, our investigators utilized computer forensics to discover that the employee had removed (without authorization from the school) the hard drive from a school-issued laptop computer in an attempt to cover up wrongdoings. Although the school had sufficient grounds to terminate, a decision was made to formally reprimand the employee. Both the complainant and school were satisfied with the comprehensive investigation completed by our agency.