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Theft of Computer & Confidential Business Documents – Sacramento, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was contacted by a Sacramento area school that had recently terminated a business manager. The employee had deleted necessary business documents from the school’s server and computers prior to termination and had also taken a laptop computer. The laptop computer was returned by the employee only after local law enforcement became involved but the school still believed that the terminated employee was in possession of a missing external hard drive belonging to the school which contained numerous school documents. Our computer forensics expert was able to determine that the laptop forcibly turned in by the terminated employee had accessed the missing external hard drive after the employee had been terminated, proving that the hard drive was in the possession of the former employee. The investigation was turned over to local law enforcement for follow up and criminal filing.

Anonymous & Harassing Letters – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was engaged by the director of a Los Angeles area school to determine the author(s) of a series of anonymous and harassing letters that were received by school employees and parents over a two year period. Concerns were also raised to the investigators that the individual(s) sending the letters had possibly “bugged” or were secretly audio recording members of the school. Our investigators used their expertise in the detection of covert audio & video recording devices and were able to reassure school personnel that no unlawful “bugging” of school offices had occurred. The investigators also used their specialized training as fingerprint examiners to locate latent finger prints on several envelopes and letters received by members of the school community. A thorough investigation ensued and numerous employees were interviewed. The investigators determined that several different employees had authored the letters over a two year period. An administrator who was originally only a witness in this investigation decided to cover up for one of the authors of the anonymous letters. The administrator lied about having deleted documents from a school-issued computer when investigators had conducted a detailed computer forensics analysis of the same computer. As a result of our comprehensive investigation, one employee resigned, one was terminated and a volunteer PTO member was relieved of duties.

Child Abuse Allegations – Ventura, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was retained by a school in Ventura, CA to investigate allegations raised by the parents of an elementary school student who claimed that the student had been secluded, endangered and physically and emotionally abused when the student was placed in a room at the school due to behavior issues. The investigators interviewed numerous witnesses and parties involved in the investigation and determined that the school acted appropriately and professionally in their dealings with the disruptive student. In addition, the school had self-reported their actions to Child Protective Services and an investigation had been conducted by the local law enforcement agency. Both agencies found no criminal negligence on behalf of the school and Oracle Investigations Group’s comprehensive investigation expanded upon the findings of these agencies. As a result, our agency’s investigation concluded no criminal or administrative wrongdoing had occurred by employees of the school.

Proposition 55 School Construction Funding Mismanagement – San Francisco, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was contacted by a San Francisco area school to investigate the internal handling of over $1,000,000 in Proposition 55 School Construction Funding. Specifically, the school stated they had received this funding from the State of California as an advance on a partial grant / partial loan to complete new school construction on a school project. Our investigators completed a detailed investigation and determined that the Proposition 55 funding had been received by the school and was marked as “unrestricted” funds when the funds should have been placed in a “restricted” account. Many of the funds originally earmarked for the Proposition 55 project had been spent on other general school-related expenses. No willful wrongdoing was uncovered during this investigation and the school self-reported their mistake to the California Department of Education. The California Department of Education allowed the school to repay the funds via a negotiated loan over several years and all parties were satisfied with the resolution.

Worker’s Compensation Fraud – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was retained to investigate allegations that a teacher at a Los Angeles area school had engaged in dishonesty and defrauded his primary employing school by collecting temporary total disability benefits while at the same time collecting employment income from a local community college. Our investigation revealed that the employee had been working for a local community college for over a year while reporting an inability to perform teaching-related responsibilities due to a disability caused by a work-related injury. In addition, the investigator discovered that the employee had been traveling internationally during this time period and uncovered social media posts by the employee displayed information which contradicted the employee’s claim of total disability. Once presented with the evidence, the employee willingly resigned from the school and agreed to pay the school back the unlawfully obtained income.

Employee Bullying & Intimidation – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group received a complaint from several employees at a Los Angeles area school claiming that another employee had been engaging in a systematic pattern of bullying and intimidation towards other school employees. Specifically, the complainant alleged that the employee had been bullying and intimidating the other employee so that the employee would agree to vote a specific way on an upcoming union vote. The complainant also alleged that the employee had been involving students at the school in protests over a teacher’s recent termination. Our investigators confidently navigated a tense working environment and coordinated with union and school officials while completing this investigation. Our investigation revealed that the employee made hostile and disparaging comments about the complainant. Additionally, our investigators utilized computer forensics to discover that the employee had removed (without authorization from the school) the hard drive from a school-issued laptop computer in an attempt to cover up wrongdoings. Although the school had sufficient grounds to terminate, a decision was made to formally reprimand the employee. Both the complainant and school were satisfied with the comprehensive investigation completed by our agency.