Anonymous & Harassing Letters – Los Angeles, CA

Oracle Investigations Group was engaged by the director of a Los Angeles area school to determine the author(s) of a series of anonymous and harassing letters that were received by school employees and parents over a two year period. Concerns were also raised to the investigators that the individual(s) sending the letters had possibly “bugged” or were secretly audio recording members of the school. Our investigators used their expertise in the detection of covert audio & video recording devices and were able to reassure school personnel that no unlawful “bugging” of school offices had occurred. The investigators also used their specialized training as fingerprint examiners to locate latent finger prints on several envelopes and letters received by members of the school community. A thorough investigation ensued and numerous employees were interviewed. The investigators determined that several different employees had authored the letters over a two year period. An administrator who was originally only a witness in this investigation decided to cover up for one of the authors of the anonymous letters. The administrator lied about having deleted documents from a school-issued computer when investigators had conducted a detailed computer forensics analysis of the same computer. As a result of our comprehensive investigation, one employee resigned, one was terminated and a volunteer PTO member was relieved of duties.